Dry Weather…Even Drier Skin!


So far it has been a milder winter across the country, but with this week’s snow storms across the Midwest and New England, Mother Nature has left her dry weather calling card.

How do you protect yourself against these cooler conditions? Well of course you would put on a coat, mittens, hat and boots. You might even have a pair of long underwear underneath all those layers. However, what do you do beneath all the coats, turtlenecks and long johns?

From Discovery Health:

Colder climates can be tough on your skin. Cold temperatures often mean low humidity, which dries out skin. Bitterly cold winds can also strip moisture from exposed skin. Throughout the winter months, many people find their skin to be rough, red, tightened, cracked or peeling because of dryness. To treat a mild case of dry skin at home, avoid taking long, hot showers, and apply a moisturizer daily. If your condition is severe, a doctor might be able to prescribe a medicated cream. (Source: Mayo Clinic)


Some skin conditions, such as eczema, can flare up during dry weather. Avoid long soaks in the tub, don’t let the water get too hot and use a mild soapto help soothe your skin. Finally, moisturize every day to keep eczema under control. (Source: American Academy of Dermatologists)

Have a safe winter and stay moisturized!

Tracy Knauer

Tracy’s Soaps



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