Change Of View

The other day while flipping through channels on TV, I noticed that a lot of the shows were drama and so called “reality” shows. These shows did nothing, but belittle, bully and stab each other in the back.
     Then we have the news which for the most part is scare tactics-“What’s in your kitchen that can kill you, find out at 11,” type news.
I was done! Enough! 
     Why can’t there be more positive shows on, such as Ellen?
I enjoy Ellen’s show because it starts and end’s on a positive note; she starts the show off by dancing (I don’t know about you, but dancing has always made me feel good!) and ends on a positive note: “Be kind to one another.”
    Can you imagine if all the shows on TV were like Ellen’s?
For instants instead of scare tactics that the news uses, they would use positive news stories: “What’s in your kitchen to make you feel better…find out at 11.”
What about soap opera’s; instead of the evil Stefano Dimera from “Day’s of Our Lives” trying to torment the people of Salem, he becomes Stefano Dimera, the Yoga instructor. Who now tries to calm the people of Salem.
So out with the drama and in with the positive!

2 responses

  1. I agree with ya. I stopped watching the news when I moved east and don’t regret it at all. I don’t watch any of those trashy reality shows, but the job shows are cool (gold mining, alligator hunting, etc). I’m watching Maury right now and feel like I need a shower. lol

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