5 Ways To Act Like A True Friend


This week has been long. It started out with a friend’s passing and ended with a friend’s wedding. The roller-coaster of emotions, trying to be there and help the ones he left behind to helping set up and officiate my other friends wedding got me thinking about true friendship.

1. Give Support. Along with the feeling of intimacy, one of the best aspects of friendship is the feeling of support it provides. And although getting support is important, giving support may be even more important to boosting happiness.

2. Don’t Criticize. Be supportive of decisions that your friends have made. Even if you believe they have made the wrong one. You are supporting them, not the choice

3. Be kind to friend’s children.

4 Show up. Sometimes a friend asks you to show up someplace when you would really rather not: a wedding in an inconvenient town or a surprise party that falls on New Year’s Eve. Do your best to show up.

5. Be Close. Just like separation and divorce there is the potential of being betrayed or hurt by a friend. The closer the relationship, the greater the damage. That does not mean you should avoid getting close with anybody. It means you should be mature enough not to become dependent on your friends. Instead of thinking of what you can get out of the relationship, you should be thinking of how you can invest in your friend’s future and wellbeing.

What do you do to be a “true friend?”


2 responses

  1. I do all 5 things that you listed above. My friends have always been my family, as I couldn’t rely on my family for any emotional support at all.

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