Getting The Word Out


Every business has a hard time getting the word out. In this day and age, word of mouth is not the only or best way to let the world know about your products.

With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and countless blogs, there are thousands of ways to stake your claim to your real estate in the social media world.

It is also so much more cheaper than, buying print, radio or television advertising. However, it can be more work. My dad used to say that you have to get out there and “pound the pavement!” He was right. You can sit behind a computer all day, but eventually, you have to make your mark on the real world.

Just this week we here at Tracy’s Soaps decided to put some advertising on our car (see above). Relatively inexpensive and with the amount of driving I do , it can be seen by a large amount of people.

Also with car magnets you can target the people that see your business when you are stopped at what seem like infinite red lights.

I tried to make them as simple as possible. Most people forget that your signs are only looked at for a maximum of six seconds. If your signs are too “busy,” the info is lost as nobody is reaching for a pen in the middle of traffic to write down your number or website.

A local restaurant here in Tampa (as well as other places) is Tijuana Flats. They are a Mexican Restaurant that is very eclectic with their decorations. One thing they do is give out the drop down ceiling tiles in the restaurant and gives them free of charge to people that want them to decorate as they wish. You have kids drawings, favorite local high school teams and local businesses. It is a great way for them to connect with the community and a great way for the community to be a part of the restaurant. People will come back again and again, just to see their tile.

We put it by the TV so that during sporting events, people couldn’t help but look at our tile!

It does pay to think out of the box and try different ways to get your business name in front of the public eye. It is a major part of the business when you are just starting out, so don’t get discouraged. It does come in time… But remember, when you get the word out, don’t forget to blog, tweet, or update your status about it!


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