It’s Foodie PenPal time again!!




I know it’s not easy buying any food related items for me with all my allergies, but I got some GOOD stuff this month! I got my box from Meghan at Half Healthy Adventures and I have to give her Kudos! Thank you Meghan for not giving up!!!

Let the excitement begin…





It’s a Trader Joe’s “prize pack” that included: Sweet Potatoes pop chips which were a tasty and something that I would have never thought to try.

I loved the double chocolate protein bar and the Milk Chocolate Truffle candy bar. The chocolate bar was huge and I did share it with my husband, my sister and my mother while we were playing Monopoly.

Mango butter-again not something I would have picked for myself, but I really enjoyed it. I put it on my toast and on a biscuit.

My favorite item by far was the Oatmeal Cranberry dunkers! and yes, I did “dunk” them…in tea and they were delicious.

Meghan also sent me a card with Cardinals and snow on it, because New Jersey (at that time) had snow and she mentioned that she was jealous that I lived in Florida. But, I am the one who is jealous of her, because Florida NEVER has snow, much less fall.  You mean that there are actual seasons and not the kind you put in food?? (LOL..cheesy, I know.)

Anyway, I want to again thank Meghan for going out of her way to get me something that I can tolerate and actually liked.


From Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean

“So, this is the part where I normally give you all the details about joining FPP. But we’re doing things a little differently next month. For the month of December, Foodie Penpals will be for charity! Instead of matching people up to send packages, I’m encouraging participants to make a donation to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

FPP Sandy1 Foodie Penpals November Reveal Day

If you’ve participated in the past, currently participate, or are thinking about participating in the future, I would LOVE for you to donate the $15-$25 you would have spent on sending a package.

I will have all the details and directions on how to donate up on my blog on MONDAY, DECEMBER 3rd, 2012!!

The charity I’ve selected for us to donate to New York Cares. From their website:

New York Cares is on the frontlines of disaster relief, working around the clock to bring post-Hurricane Sandy aid where it is needed most. In the weeks following the storm, we have deployed thousands of volunteers to the hardest hit neighborhoods, distributing hot meals and warm coats, helping local social service agencies get back up and running, and mucking out homes that were ravaged by the storm.We were the first faces that many displaced New Yorkers saw- a reminder that in these especially tough times, New York Cares is here for them.

But our work didn’t start when the waters rose, and it won’t stop when the headlines have faded.

Every year, more than 400,000 New Yorkers depend upon New York Cares to build a better life. Day in and day out, we help high-risk students get into college, we provide job training  to unemployed adults; we teach kids the joy of reading- and so much more. And now, for as long as it takes- we bring hurricane relief and restoration to our suffering neighbors .


I researched a lot of charities and decided on this one because  they are focusing on both immediate and long-term restoration efforts. It’s only been about six weeks since Sandy but already it’s hardly mentioned in the news anymore. Please remember that just because it’s not being talked about in the media as much doesn’t mean there’s not still a need. THERE IS SO MUCH NEED for help still. Especially as we enter the holiday season.

So I encourage you to come back on Monday and give what you can.

Signups for January Foodie Penpals will open on December 18th. The form that is up on my blog right now is only for December FPP, essentially by signing up you are committing to donate next week! If you’d like to participate in January, you’ll need to come back and sign up after December 18th.”


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