Checking out the competition…

From time to time we check out our competitors and I was shocked at how a particular store made and displayed their soaps. The shop was dirty! The soaps were dirty!

Dirty soap2

There was no protection around any of the soaps people were touching.

Dirty soap

In this day and age with viruses that the world seems to have, I don’t want people touching anything that I’m going to consume. That is why all of our soaps are hand poured into a sterile container.

Tracy's Soaps 2-2013 036

Also, the reason why these soaps are able to be left out without protection is because it is filled with chemicals. Our soaps are chemical free.

I recently received some email comments from one of my customers, JHootay…

“…I decided to get away from the “commercial soaps” because of all the chemicals and “stuff I don’t want” in it. When I first began looking into the home-made soaps, I kept seeing the ones that are barely covered with a card-board wrapper.(*we’ve all seen them) I shied away from those wondering, “How SANITARY can THAT be?” With it being exposed like that, bugs can land on it, people keep touching it – putting their noses up against it … bacteria getting on it?! YUCK!! What specifically drew me to Tracy’s Soaps is that it’s PACKAGED, in a tight container that I don’t have to worry about bugs or germs! You get only a clean, fresh smelling … QUALITY … product! Thank you Tracy’s Soaps for making a home-made soap that I truly can TRUST with not only my own skin, but my families skin as well.”

Here at Tracy’s Soaps, it just makes me glad that I am making products that people love and want to use.


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