Had a great time this past weekend at  the Summer Art Market sponsored by Southern Brewing and Wine Making  here in Tampa. We had the opportunity to show off our new line of soaps and got to meet a lot of great people!

Mother Nature tried to dampen our spirits (literally), and then tried to to melt our resolve (literally) but everyone there was determined to have a great time


As you can see from the picture above we have changes the look of our soaps to make it bigger…almost nine ounces! We have new types as well from Sea Glass (No glass is actually used), Havana at Dusk (a smokey, musky smell) and especially for this event, we came up with a beer soap! It is made with Cascadia Hops which is a very sweet smelling hops that people at the market said made the soap smell like cookies or maple syrup… Very sweet indeed! Some of the other newly added soaps include Angel Wings (a light baby powder and rose scent) and a Charcoal facial soap that is great for detoxifying the skin!

Dr Who

The only hiccup in the day came when unbeknownst to us, Creative Loafing ran an article that featured our Dr ? soaps. Everyone came up and asked for them, but we ran out in an hour! We are so glad that everyone likes them and we will be sure to have more at the next event… but as always, they are available online!

photo 5

As the day progressed and beers were imbibed, we almost completely sold out of what we brought! Some folks near the end made out like bandits as we offered “2 for 1” deals.

We want to take time out to thank the folks at Southern Brewing and Wine Making for their Hospitality and if you are thinking of making your own IPA or Chardonnay, they are the people to visit.


Also, thank-you to Creative Loafing for posting us in your article. But most of all, thank-you to everyone that showed up on a less than desirable weather day and helped support Tracy’s Soaps by “Spreading The Suds!”


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  1. I’m so glad you had such a successful day!!!! Despite the weather. Those Doctor Who soaps are going to be very popular as the series has enjoyed a resurgence over the past 9 years. I have a lot of Whovian friends.

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