What’s In A Name?


So this was a pretty exciting week at the soap factory!

It all started when some customers on the Tracy’s Soaps website had trouble ordering online. At first, I didn’t think anything of it until I realized that it was one soap in particular that seemed to be causing all of the problems.

Havana at Dusk

Havana at Dusk

It was the soap that I had named, “Havana At Dusk.” I had named it this because the smell has the top notes of bay leaf and fir needle mingle with cedarwood and bergamot to reveal a warm tobacco base note. I tried thinking of  a place that had these wonderful aromas and the first place that came to mind was Havana, Cuba. With their long history of famous cigars, this would be a perfect base for the name.

I had contacted the folks at PayPal who run my shopping cart as to inquire why my orders were getting an error message, “Due to Government Restrictions…” The first four people that I spoke with had no idea why it was doing this and suggested that I just keep trying it and it should, “work itself out.” When this did not magically work, I contacted PayPal again and was told by a wonderful representative, that it was probably due to the name Havana and if I just removed that word, it should be fine.

So I took the name Havana off and just left it as “…At Dusk” and wouldn’t you know, the order went through without a hitch… Eureka! I thanked Iris and was just happy to have the problem resolved.

But then I started to think about the reason why this happened and how many words there are that we can’t use and how many people had been having the same problems without resolution.

I contacted the local TV station here in Tampa, Bay News 9 about my predicament, and they decided to do a story on the incident:


Holly Gregory did a great job and I thought it was a wonderful piece.

I have no ill-will to PayPal, I just wanted it known that there are words out there that set off alarms in little computer rooms across the country. No matter how innocuous we think they might be, someone is watching…always watching…


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  1. That was just a crazy thing to happen. I mean really….just because something is named Havana, paypal won’t allow the transaction??? Oy vey. lol But that was a great interview and piece they did on the news. I’m glad that they found the story as intriguing and unusual as we all did. And hey, maybe you’ll see a spike in sales now!

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