Plan Some Fun!

The Happiest Place on Earth!


Okay, here we go… Another Monday is here and the view to the weekend seems like it cannot be any further away!

One thing I like to do on Mondays, is plan my week. Not just what I have to get done for work, even though that seems insurmountable at times, but I also like to schedule some fun things as well. Continue reading


Getting The Word Out


Every business has a hard time getting the word out. In this day and age, word of mouth is not the only or best way to let the world know about your products.

With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and countless blogs, there are thousands of ways to stake your claim to your real estate in the social media world.

It is also so much more cheaper than, buying print, radio or television advertising. However, it can be more work. My dad used to say that you have to get out there and “pound the pavement!” He was right. You can sit behind a computer all day, but eventually, you have to make your mark on the real world.

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Is Happiness Boring?


From: The Happiness Project

Some people argue that it is better to be interesting than happy. But that’s a false choice. It’s true that is you’re trying to tell an interesting story, unhappiness makes a much easier subject. There’s more conflict, more drama. But real life is different. Studies show that happiness doesn’t make people complacent or self-centered, but instead, makes them more interested in tackling challenges and helping others.

I’d Like to Tell You About Procrastination…Just Give Me A Minute

So here at Tracy’s Soaps, I love getting orders early! I know what is expected, there is a time frame and I can get everything scheduled around a big project.

That being said, last month (June), I got an order for … Christmas!!! Holy Cow, I just put my bathing suit on for the first time, let alone thinking about ugly sweaters…

On the other-hand, I love this. It is quite a big undertaking and I appreciate the heads up so much. Continue reading

Act Happy!



Need a quick jolt of happiness right now? …And who doesn’t…

Put a smile on your face right now, and keep smiling. Research shows that even an artificially induced smile has a positive influence on your emotions. Just going through the motions of happiness brightens your mood.

And if you are smiling, other people will perceive you as being friendlier and more approachable


5 Ways To Act Like A True Friend


This week has been long. It started out with a friend’s passing and ended with a friend’s wedding. The roller-coaster of emotions, trying to be there and help the ones he left behind to helping set up and officiate my other friends wedding got me thinking about true friendship. Continue reading

Making The Big Decisions

Recently, I have asked myself some really tough questions about my business, my life and where I wanted to be in five years. It is always difficult to weed out good vs. bad advice and ultimately what will make you a better person and be able to attain your goals. Continue reading

Positive Music For A Positive Mind

When I first started my company, Tracy’s Soaps, the first thing I knew is that I wanted it to be a positive experience. I wanted to feel good about the products I was making and how they were made. To this day, my soaps are made in a smoke-free environment and while I am making them, I am listening to fun, positive music to let that energy enter the soaps.

I love all types of music and this is just a small sampling of what I listen to, but friends kept asking me to share my positive playlist, so I wanted to share it with you now… Continue reading

Change Of View

The other day while flipping through channels on TV, I noticed that a lot of the shows were drama and so called “reality” shows. These shows did nothing, but belittle, bully and stab each other in the back.
     Then we have the news which for the most part is scare tactics-“What’s in your kitchen that can kill you, find out at 11,” type news.
I was done! Enough!  Continue reading

CARE – [kair] noun, verb, cared, car·ing.

One of the definitions for the word Care is – to provide treatment for other people.
I was bothered by the term “other people,” because I’ve noticed that too many people (including myself) forget to care about themselves.
What about self-care?  I also looked up the definition for self care which is personal health maintenance.
That got me thinking about my personal health maintenance. Besides getting routine physicals, I don’t think I do enough for my self-care.
So for the next few weeks please join me on my self care journey and hopefully my experience will help you with your journey.
Also, I would love feedback on what you do for your self care. Spa days, exercise, etc.