Had a great time this past weekend at  the Summer Art Market sponsored by Southern Brewing and Wine Making  here in Tampa. We had the opportunity to show off our new line of soaps and got to meet a lot of great people!

Mother Nature tried to dampen our spirits (literally), and then tried to to melt our resolve (literally) but everyone there was determined to have a great time

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I’d Like to Tell You About Procrastination…Just Give Me A Minute

So here at Tracy’s Soaps, I love getting orders early! I know what is expected, there is a time frame and I can get everything scheduled around a big project.

That being said, last month (June), I got an order for … Christmas!!! Holy Cow, I just put my bathing suit on for the first time, let alone thinking about ugly sweaters…

On the other-hand, I love this. It is quite a big undertaking and I appreciate the heads up so much. Continue reading