Remembering the small moments…

Happy New Year

So it is the start of a new year again. You  and I are contemplating all the ways that this year is going to be different than last year. What changes need to be made, where we are going to travel  and finally losing that last ten pounds.

I propose something smaller than that. We always remember the ways that made last year bad, but we almost never remember the ways that it was possibly the greatest year of our lives.

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It’s Foodie PenPal time again!!




I know it’s not easy buying any food related items for me with all my allergies, but I got some GOOD stuff this month! I got my box from Meghan at Half Healthy Adventures and I have to give her Kudos! Thank you Meghan for not giving up!!!

Let the excitement begin…

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5 Ways To Act Like A True Friend


This week has been long. It started out with a friend’s passing and ended with a friend’s wedding. The roller-coaster of emotions, trying to be there and help the ones he left behind to helping set up and officiate my other friends wedding got me thinking about true friendship. Continue reading