Getting The Word Out


Every business has a hard time getting the word out. In this day and age, word of mouth is not the only or best way to let the world know about your products.

With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and countless blogs, there are thousands of ways to stake your claim to your real estate in the social media world.

It is also so much more cheaper than, buying print, radio or television advertising. However, it can be more work. My dad used to say that you have to get out there and “pound the pavement!” He was right. You can sit behind a computer all day, but eventually, you have to make your mark on the real world.

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6 Tips for Sparking Creativity!

Sometimes February can be a long month even though it is the shortest. It has been a while since the last big holiday rush and Spring seems ever so far away. I am reminded of a favorite childhood book of mine ‘The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster. Where in a part of the story a little boy named Milo is diving in a toy car through the mythical place called the Doldrums.  That is my idea of February!

When you own your own business, there is no downtime for being creative. Everything around you should be an inspiration and if it’s not, move away from where you are!

Another one of my favorite books is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. She inspires me on a daily basis and I found some of her tips to be essential when driving myself out of the doldrums!

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Love Rocks!

     It’s rare that you see someone looking up at the sky as they walk; most people are looking down. I noticed that I too look down as I walk and I also noticed that most of the time the ground is dark and gloomy.
That got me thinking; since people are looking down why not make something that will make people smile and won’t blow away. Rocks! Rocks don’t blow away and they are easy to paint on.
     One of my favorite websites now is Pinterest. There are so many great ideas from folks all over the world and it spurred my creative spirit and I found this idea to make people smile. It just so happens to be around Valentine’s Day as well!
Over the weekend my friend Jen and her daughter came over and we painted rocks. We painted bright colors along with hearts on the rocks.
     Then we placed them all over Tampa in hopes that when you are looking down, you will see one of our bright color rocks with a heart on it and it will make you happy.

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      If you see one, see one, feel free to take it and bring joy into your heart. If you don’t want to take it, leave it for the next person… they may need to find happiness for themselves.