What’s In A Name?


So this was a pretty exciting week at the soap factory!

It all started when some customers on the Tracy’s Soaps website had trouble ordering online. At first, I didn’t think anything of it until I realized that it was one soap in particular that seemed to be causing all of the problems.

Havana at Dusk

Havana at Dusk

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4 Ways To Make Yourself Likeable



Smile and the whole world smiles with you

Smile and the whole world smiles with you

You can’t make someone like you, but you can behave in ways that will make it slightly more likely. Here are strategies to keep in mind – not ways to manipulate people or to be fake, but to ensure that your desire to be friendly effectively shines through!

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Oatmeal Honey Soap

Oatmeal Honey Soap

If it wasn’t for my oatmeal soap, I would not have a soap company today. 🙂

I thought I would share why I started making soaps and why I started with Oatmeal.

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Had a great time this past weekend at  the Summer Art Market sponsored by Southern Brewing and Wine Making  here in Tampa. We had the opportunity to show off our new line of soaps and got to meet a lot of great people!

Mother Nature tried to dampen our spirits (literally), and then tried to to melt our resolve (literally) but everyone there was determined to have a great time

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Remembering the small moments…

Happy New Year

So it is the start of a new year again. You  and I are contemplating all the ways that this year is going to be different than last year. What changes need to be made, where we are going to travel  and finally losing that last ten pounds.

I propose something smaller than that. We always remember the ways that made last year bad, but we almost never remember the ways that it was possibly the greatest year of our lives.

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The 1st ATM Dispenses Cash!


From History.com

On this day in 1969, America’s first automatic teller machine (ATM) makes its public debut, dispensing cash to customers at Chemical Bank in Rockville Center, New York. ATMs went on to revolutionize the banking industry, eliminating the need to visit a bank to conduct basic financial transactions. By the 1980s, these money machines had become widely popular and handled many of the functions previously performed by human tellers, such as check deposits and money transfers between accounts. Today, ATMs are as indispensable to most people as cell phones and e-mail.

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It’s Foodie PenPal time again!!




I know it’s not easy buying any food related items for me with all my allergies, but I got some GOOD stuff this month! I got my box from Meghan at Half Healthy Adventures and I have to give her Kudos! Thank you Meghan for not giving up!!!

Let the excitement begin…

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October Foodie Pen Pal

I have never been a “foodie” person. There are numerous reasons why I don’t try a lot of food, for one I have food allergies and spicy foods kill my stomach. But on top of my allergies, I am picky. I am really, really picky. Continue reading